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If you have clicked through to this page, you are aware of the importance of running anti-spyware applications. You probably are also aware that I recommend running two, in the belief that the second will catch what the other misses. It is also my recommendation that you set your A.S. programs to download new definitions daily (This setting is usually found under "Update"), and to set one, and only one, into "active" mode (this is often called "shield mode") which is the method A.S.'s use to prevent spyware from installing in the first place.

Fortunately, there are many reputable anti-spyware programs available for free. Unfortunately, there are also many programs that advertise themselves as "anti-spyware" but are really spyware itself...or, when you run them, claim to have found "very critical dangers" that they will resolve if you purchase the "full version". This is scare tactics plain and simple. Do not fall for it! Please, as I recommend you do for all software you download from the Internet, use a search engine (such as Google) to research what people have to say about the program; and have your anti-virus scan the download before clicking on the setup.exe! To learn more about spyware and how to fight it, visit   |   Click here to skip to next page.

I recommend the following free anti-spyware applications as being both effective and free from scare tactics.

Name/Link Author Comments
Windows Defender ** Microsoft While not the most effective of the A.S. utilities, it has the advantage of being guaranteed to work with all versions of Windows.
SUPERAntiSpyware **** SAS The free version does not have "shield/active" mode. Use in combination with an app which does, or consider purchasing (one of the few I recommend. A "lifetime" license is a good deal for this four-star tool).
Spyware Doctor Personal **** PC Tools Consistently rated tops. Paid version includes antivirus.
Note: this is available via the "Google Pack". The trick is to un-check all the other checkboxes, and only install the titles you actually want.
AdAware SE Personal *** Lavasoft The free version does not have "shield/active" mode. Use in combination with an app which does.
SpyBot Search and Destroy ** Patrick Kolla A very effective tool with a clunky interface...recommended for advanced users. Patrick and his staff of volunteers ask for a donation on the website, but it is not required.
Spy Catcher Express **** Tenebril Has active defense and heuristics, called "DeepDefense". Works to prevent browser hijacking, rootkits, and more.
AVG Anti-Spyware Free *** Grisoft Similar to AdAware SE. Free version does not have active scan, so use in combination with one that does. Ewido has now joined this team.
Spyware Terminator **** Crawler LLC A very good product. Includes anti-virus (so either disable virus protection, or remove other AV products from your machine) and anti-spyware in its active protections.
SpywareBlaster** JavaCool Prevent spyware from installing on your computer
Arovax Shield Arovax Is an active mode protector. Also offers protection against keyloggers. I have not used this application, so no personal rating...
Advanced Spyware Remover Evonsoft With an eye toward hijackers, it includes a "process dictionary" to help you determine what is running in the background on your machine
Anti-Spyware Blocker *** EAV Software A good and safe application. Includes "real-time" (active) protection.
Dr. Alex Anti-spyware ** Doctor Alex A very friendly interface. Not active, so combine with one that is.
Microsoft Malicious Software Removal Tool ** Microsoft This tool runs as part of the Windows Update process and is updated on the second Tuesday ("Patch Tuesday") of each month. It looks for and removes all types of prevalent/well-known malware. Go to this page to get the latest version, and run it as desired.
There are a couple of software download sites that have an excellent reputation for being free from malware. These sites have sections for different types (catagories) of programs--pop-up blockers, antivirus, antispyware, firewalls, and so on. I suggest to you that it is well worth your time to explore some of the possibilities offered there...but be sure to scan the download for viruses before installing!
  • C/Net's Download.Com is an excellent source of software, news and reviews, and more.
  • Major Geeks has an extensive collection of shareware, freeware, trialware, and demos. You can also find games here.
  • File Hippo is very similar to the others listed here, but includes "archived" downloads for older versions of software. This comes in handy if you are still running Windows 98 SE, or ME, for example, or when the "latest" version doesn't want to install properly...
  • Tucows (two cows) is another excellent resource. If you didn't find what you were looking for at Download.Com, try looking here.

A little more free advice: to find programs (at any of the sites above) that are truly free, and not merely free-to-try, filter the results per page by selecting "freeware" in the drop-down menu of the Search This Site feature.

Also, these sites provide you with the wonderful opportunity to "test drive" a program before you buy it by downloading the "trialware" versions of newly released programs.


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