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Here's what a few of my clients have to say,
From: Ms. Karen Starr
I reached out to Paul after getting absolutely nowhere with Microsoft regarding a glitch in my Windows 7 system.  He responded quickly, gave me some solutions to try, and when I was still having some trouble, he asked more questions, and patiently and astutely gave me additional techniques to implement.  Success!  If Paul had not persevered, I'd still be experiencing the problems.  What a great go-to-guy; he really knows his stuff, communicates well, and is dogged in his efforts to find the cause and solution.  I highly recommend going to Paul before trying anyone else!

From: Ms. Barbara Varenhorst
Paul has many qualities that make him a valuable asset to us who are struggling with technology and want to become proficient in its use. Paul never makes you feel stupid or hopeless. If he doesn't know the answer to the problem or question, he researches until he finds it. He is prompt, polite and honest. Through his tutoring and help, my whole attitude about and use of my computer has become most positive. I very highly recommend him.

From: Ms. G. Alldredge
Based on Paul's recent superb work on all my many computer difficulties, I can't speak highly enough of his remarkable grasp of everything computer.  He resolved an absolute myriad of complexities involving an old Mac and a newly acquired iMac, and, additionally, enabled an old PC to work marvelously well for me.  I can hardly say how impressed I am with Paul's expertise, patience, and all this at the most reasonable fees I possibly could  have imagined!   

From: Ms. G. Cleborne
Sincere thanks Paul for your help, assisting me in my small technological world.
I found Paul on line while searching for a solution to a printer problem. At the time I was also struggling to set up my laptop, having many problems getting up and running.
While addressing the laptop problems with Paul, he patiently explained to me how things worked, then how to do it, all in a language that I could understand. His knowledge and patience seems endless, his honesty and professionalism with his clients goes without saying, superior to other tech people I have dealt with.
At times I tend to stress over the technology, with a love/hate relationship with it. It's been a relief to know that Paul is available to help me with my computer problems rather than go on a long waiting list to get service.
Thanks Again Paul
Gaia Cleborne

From: Ms. T. Murphy
Big M is up and running - thank you again, again and're on my "hit" list!

From: Ms. B. Sterling
"Paul I couldn't (have) done it without your help. Getting some software on your computer sometimes requires the help of someone who knows what he (is) doing and boy do you know your stuff. Thanks ever so much for helping me make my problem have a happy ending. Keep up the GREAT WORK!!!!!

From: Ms. A. Pettit
"Thank you so much for your wonderful customer service. I got a brand new computer, and thought I would have an easy time transitioning over, but was I wrong. I quickly found myself in over my head and was completely unable to solve my problems. You helped me with every question and problem that came up, no matter how complex.

I was so thankful to not have to explain my problems over and over, like I've had to with other companies, because I knew I would be talking to you every time. You were always so quick to respond and stuck with me until every problem was solved. You never lost patience with me or used wording that I was unable to follow and understand, and you taught me quite a few things along the way. I would not hesitate in the least to call upon you again.
Thanks for everything!"

From: Mr. R. T. Forburg
"You are the guy I turn to when my tech support training lets me down. I have been studying computer repair for a year now and I still run into seeming dead ends, but all I do is email you and you have the answer! I don't know how you find all the solutions I need, but every time you not only answer my question but send me the link to the software or tool I need--and I have sent you some real (I thought) impossible questions...amazing!"
From: Ms. T.C. Bautista
"Mr. Eckstrom at Aplus Computer Aid provided very good tech support by phone. He is quite knowledgeable of troubleshooting techniques. His quick and efficient analysis of my laptop's troubles allowed me to save considerable time expected by my local computer store. They wanted to keep it for three weeks minimum. Paul had me back in business in less than half an hour!

I was impressed with his very patient customer service, and he talked me through the commands, step-by-step, to resolve the difficult problem I had getting my old scanner to work with my new laptop. I would surely refer my friends and collegues to Mr. Eckstrom's on-line business in the future"

From: Mr. Phil Henderson
I want to throw out a BIG thank you out to Paul. I gave him a call yesterday at around 1:45PM. I had been having problems with viewing anything on my 5 year old DEll computer that needed adobe flash 9. After getting Paul on the phone we finally got where he was on line with me on my computer. He started to look into all of my programs and settings and at first did not seem to find much wrong. We went through checking MSN and could not find anything. He then decided to make sure that I had uninstalled the old adobe flash and we tried to install a new one. NO luck. He then went and ran both of my anti-virus programs to clear any problems. Here we did find some junk and we deleted it> Again we tried to install, no luck again. We did this for over 2 hours and finally decided to install FireFox as a way I could enter instead of through MSN and have the Adobe flash work. I will have to say that this problem has frustrated me for about 2 months and it also got to John. He did absolutely everything he could but it just could not be fixed. I told him thanks and asked him how much I owed him and he said, Well, I'm sorry but since I just can not seem to fix this there will be no charge for this. We both decided to call it a day and "go have a cold one". Thanks again for all your effort.
Phil Henderson
Centennial CO.

Phone: (650) 851-1901, (888) 44A-PLUS
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Addr: PO Box 7851, Menlo Park, CA. 94026

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