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Friendly and affordable PC help and support--spoken in plain English
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Welcome to the first step on the road to PC recovery with Tech Paul
You were brought to this page to start the process for my Secure Remote Assistance.  I will not charge you for the initial diagnosis of your problem, but if we both agree that my services are required, I will direct you to a secure method for payment through my Pay Pal account. I will never see your financial information!

Doctor looking at sick PC

Click the big-lettered, blue, "get help now" link (below) to begin your Secure Remote Assistance session, Get Help Now. Select your issue type from the drop-down menu, and then type in your name and a brief description of your dilemma. Click on the Submit button. A small, self-uninstalling program (named Bomgar) will download and ask for your permission to RUN--this is the "viewer" that will allow my PC and your PC to securely communicate. SCROLL DOWN TO SEE THE STEPS.

My status

NOTE: You may need to turn off your antivirus (or click on "Allow") during the connecting process. For help in getting our machines connected, should you desire it, call toll free 1-888-44A-PLUS. Please report any troubles you experience.

Important Note: By using my services, you are agreeing to the terms of my (standard) Service Agreement.

***The viewer completely removes itself when we are finished--IT IS IMPOSSIBLE for me to regain a connection unless you initiate it again. You may disconnect at any time by clicking the red X. The session is recorded, and you may download a copy to keep for yourself--that is so there's a complete picture of what I did, and did not do, to your machine.*** If you would prefer to telephone for questions and services: 1-(888) 44A-PLUS.

1: Click on the blue "Get Help Now."    

2: Now use the drop-down arrow to select your type of issue, and it would be nice if you would provide a name by which you would like to be addressed. Click on the "Submit" button, which will start the connection process by downloading a small communication program to your machine.

3: Windows will ask you if you want to "run" or "save" the download. You want to "Run" it. You will notice that that it has a strange name, and a long string of numbers. That string of numbers is the randomly generated encryption key that enables us to have a completely secure session, and is unique to each connection.

4: Now that the download is complete, you will be asked to allow the program to Run, and start the communications process. Answer yes by clicking "Run" again.

NOTE: You may need to turn off your antivirus (or click on "Allow") during the connecting process.

***Your privacy is assured, and covered by law***

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