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Aplus Computer Aid offers many services for diagnosing, resolving your issues, and making your PC and network safe
Aplus Computer Aid provides a complete line of PC and network troubleshooting, help and support, and repair over the phone or over the Internet. I support business and just plain folks with equal enthusiasm. I can resolve your trouble quickly and effectively, via Secure Remote Assistance, phone, or email-- without the hassle of a service call.

Some things are best left to the professionals!

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Phone: (650) 851-1901,   1-(888) 44A-PLUS             email: techpaul(at)aplusca.com

Addr: PO Box 7851
          Menlo Park, CA

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Service Types
Online/Remote Support
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If you are connected to the internet I can securely connect to your machine and quickly diagnose and effect repairs, or guide you with chat, or simply check the condition of your PC. Since this option is the easiest and most efficient, it is also the most cost-effective. I usually solve the issue in a half-hour.

Remember: I don't charge you for the initial description and my diagnosis. The fee for a half-hour of service is $60, a more time consuming problem bills at $120 per hour.

Phone Support If your machine won't start, or cannot connect to the Web, this is the place to start. I can outline the actions you can take to get up and running and back online. If I cannot resolve your issue and onsite or drop-off assistance is required, your time will be applied towards your service call.

Because talking you through the steps takes longer, my average resolution time is one hour. Telephone support is $120 per hour. Call (650) 851-1901 or (888) 44A-PLUS or Skype Aplus_Tech_Paul.

On Site/Home Visit I provide on-site services in San Mateo and Santa Clara Counties.

An appointment for installation or repair bills at $120/hr, (one-hour minimum) with a $10 travel fee.

Virus/Spyware RemovalIn today's world you should know it is more important than ever to protect yourself from cyber-criminals and malicious software. If your machine is not protected from viruses, spyware, and trojan horses you can be a victim of identity theft, your machine can be used to send spam, or just cause your PC to slow down to a crawl. Get inoculated now!
PC/laptop Repair/Upgrade I can repair and upgrade hardware components on all brands of PCs and I can get my parts at a lower cost than the average consumer. Upgrade your memory, add new features and capabilities, and more.
Software InstallHelp with getting your programs installed, set up, and running.
Internet/email Help in setting up new DSL and cable connections, and troubleshooting intermittent connections.
Rebuild/Reinstall WindowsSometimes it's best to just start over with a clean slate. I can restore to factory-fresh, like-new condition, apply the latest patches and security upgrades, restore your programs and settings, and get your machine back to the way you want it.
Networks Install, troubleshoot, and secure both wired and wireless networks. I also install PC-based surveillance systems (aka "nanny cams").
PeripheralsHelp with printers, scanners, storage devices, digital cameras, and more.
Data Recovery Unfortunately, hard drives do fail and "die". And unless we have made proper backup copies or our files .. poof! Your precious photos, music collection, and tax records are gone!

Advanced recovery methods (often involving a "clean room") are expensive, hundreds of dollars per Gigabyte, which can be rationalized when we are talking about corporate/business 'data'. But what about us regular folk, with files that are only valuable to us personally?

If you have a utterly failed hard drive/computer, I may be able to help. At a rate you won't believe. Call me for details 1-888-44A-PLUS.

Tutorials Sometimes all we need is to have a question or two answered and then we can soldier-on ourselves. I can help you get to know your computer and its programs. I am quite familiar with most of today's popular applications.
E-mail Support Often the least effective and most frustrating of all the support methods, it does, none the less, work. Email me your question and I will respond to you with a suggestion, or a way to establish a session that works for both of us. Please don't forget to check my DIY pages for answers to common questions.
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