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About Aplus Computer Aid
I founded Aplus Computer Aid January 1, 2007. Its purpose is to offer affordable Tech Support to everyone. I am located in the heart of the San Fransisco Bay Area's Silicon Valley. I have been building PCs since 1996. My name is Paul Eckstrom. (I am known to over 2,000,000 people on the web as Tech Tips, Tricks & Advice blogger "Tech Paul", author of Tech - for Everyone.)

My hours are flexible. I am generally available 9am to 8pm (Pacific) M-Sat.

For a free online diagnosis-- click a red HELP button, and then the blue GET HELP NOW link.  Provide some basic information, and click "Submit" on the support portal page. (This will download a "Bomgar" connection program.)

I am trained in CompTIA's (Computing Technology Industry Assoc.) A+, Network+, and Security+; Cisco and Microsoft Certification programs. I am a member of several Industry communities.
  I am current on all PC and affiliated device manufactures; including, but not limited to Acer, Dell, Gateway, Sony, Toshiba, HP, Iomega, Canon, Lexmark, and Epson. I have been using Microsoft Windows since version 3.11 and working with computers in general since 1984.

I have been using Ethernet technology to create small networks and am current on the systems and devices available to the public. I have used Linksys and Netgear equipment extensively. I can install, troubleshoot, and repair wired and Wireless networks . I can set up VoIP, printer sharing, nanny cams, media streaming, and Internet sharing. I can work with your ISP to help resolve recurring connectivity issues.

I am familiar with all the major software distributors; including, but not limited to: Adobe, Electronic Arts, Webroot, McAfee, Symantec, Microsoft, Grisoft, Nero, Activision, Iolo/VComm, Computer Associates, Zone Labs, Trend Micro, Panda, F-Secure, Authentium, Kaperski, LavaSoft, and many Open Source titles.

At Aplus, I strive for complete customer satisfaction.  You are going to love my service, guaranteed.  I stand 100% behind my work.  If you are not satisfied, I am not satisfied. At Aplus, no problem is too big or too little.

Phone: (650) 851-1901, (888) 44A-PLUS                    email: techpaul(at)aplusca(dot)com

Addr: P.O. Box 7851, Menlo Park, CA. 94026

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